Governance Structure

Governance Structure

Updated April 2021:

The Members:

The Members are best viewed as guardians of the constitution, ensuring the charitable object is fulfilled.


The Trustees:

The Trustees meet as a board of Trustees, generally known as the “Trust Board”

The Trust Board has the strategic and legal oversight of the Trust and will monitor all activities; determining the strategic direction of the Trust, assessing the performance of the Academies and establishing and reviewing the policies and practices governing the life of the Academies. 


The Executive Team:

The “Executive Team” is the executive arm of the Trust Board, focusing on operations, resources and supporting the educational performance of the Academies. It operates under the leadership and direction of the “Chief Executive Officer”. The Executive Team works directly with the staff in each Academy to ensure that the Trust’s strategic plan (incorporating the Academies development plans) is being implemented and the required outcomes are achieved in accordance with the purpose and vision of the Trust Board.

Any member of the Executive Team may be asked to report to the Trust Board and attend meetings of the Trustees, except for the Chief Executive Officer, will not serve as Trustees. 


Trust Committees:

The Trust has four committees which are:

  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • Finance
  • Performance

Each committee have terms of reference which guide its work. The committees work Trust wide ensuring the purpose and vision of the Trust Board is fulfilled.


Local Advisory Boards:

The Trust Board has established “Local Advisory Boards” for the Academies to support the Trust Board and the leadership teams within the Academies.

The primary focus of the LAB is to promote the best interests of all the children and their families within their school and the wider Trust. They will provide an opportunity to support the ‘uniqueness’ of each school in terms of learning opportunities available, enhancing school wellbeing and a focus on the needs of the local community. The LAB will enhance community engagement through being a collective channel of communication. The focus of enhancing community engagement reflects the Trust’s values and will be particularly important for the growth of the PHAT.  


LAB Chair’s Forum:

Three times a year the Chair’s of the Local Advisory Boards meet to collaborate, reflect and support each other. The Chair of the Trust Board and CEO attend the first part of the meeting before the group meet informally.


Scheme of Delegation:

The scheme of delegation explains the responsibilities within the MAT structure and how they function effectively.

PHAT Scheme of Delegation April 2021 v2