Performance Data

Performance Data

The Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust is a High Attaining Trust. We want to provide the very best platform for learning and life for our children.

The Performance Committee of the Trust scrutinise the educational standards across our schools.

A detailed analysis of each schools individual performance can be found via the links below or the DFE Performance Tables.

The Trust runs five academies:

Buckton Fields Primary School: The school opened in September 2021. It will have a first inspection within three years of opening.

Holne Chase Primary School: The Trust was asked to sponsor this school when it received an Inadequate grading and the school became an academy within the Trust in December 2020. The school will be inspected by December 2023. Despite Covid and the school being subject to lockdown a month after the transfer, we are working hard to rapidly improve the school, with a focus on Maths and English provision.

Parklands Primary School: The Trust was asked to sponsor this school when it received an Inadequate grading and the school became an academy within the Trust in September 2018. The school is awaiting its Section 5 inspection so therefore is currently ungraded, but an external improvement partner and Ofsted Inspector has visited the school regularly and noted significant and rapid improvement across all areas within its first year and anticipate its first inspection grading being no less than Good.

Pineham Barns Primary School, which opened as a new school in September 2017. The school is still awaiting its first Ofsted inspection; however, the inspection undertaken by the DfE graded the school as Outstanding.

Preston Hedge’s Primary School, which is Ofsted graded: Outstanding

A feature of the Trust is a clarity and consistency around school processes in learning, teaching and assessment. This leads to high outcomes across all key attainment stages in our academies and, when put in place for our sponsored school, ensured rapid improvement of outcomes for pupils within its first year.

Please note there has been no national data in 2020 and 2021.

We hope to update the information below in 2022!

Attainment at EYFS



The Trust philosophy of EYFS ensures that children within Trust schools have an exceptional start, gaining skills that lead to them being highly ready for KS1, with achievement that is significantly above national figures.

  • At Preston Hedges, the proportion of children leaving EYFS at a ‘Good Level of Development’ has consistently been significantly above national statistics, with, over a 3-year average, 84% of pupils achieving GLD.
  • At Pineham Barns, attainment has consistently been above national in all areas, with the most recent (2019) proportions of pupils achieving GLD being 82%.
  • At Parklands, those same Trust processes ensured rapid improvement in attainment in EYFS, and within the first year of the Trust sponsoring the school, proportions of children leaving at GLD rose by 20%, and 81% of children attained GLD in Summer 2019


Phonics Attainment

The Trust processes around phonics ensures that early reading has a robust focus and leads to the children within our schools leaving Year One as highly confident readers.

  • At Preston Hedge’s, the proportion of children passing the phonics screening check have consistently been exceptionally high. The 3-year average is 97%.
  • At Pineham Barns, proportions of pupils passing the phonics screening has been significantly above national since opening, with 92% passing the check in 2018, and 93% passing the check in 2019.
  • At Parklands, in its first year as a Trust sponsored academy, the proportion of pupils passing the phonics screening check was 93%, which is an increase of 32% within its first year as a sponsored academy.


Attainment at KS1

Our children make excellent progress throughout KS1, leading to strong proportions of children achieving at both age expected and greater depth levels.

  • At Preston Hedge’s, KS1 attainment has been consistently high, and in 2019, 88% achieved at ‘expected’ levels across all subjects, achievement which is in the highest quintile of schools. Over a third of pupils achieved greater depth in all subjects, which is significantly above national figures.
  • At Pineham Barns, KS1 attainment in 2019 was in line with, or above across all subject at age related expectations, with Writing and Maths in the top quintile of schools. The proportion of children who achieved greater depth was significantly above national figures.
  • At Parklands, attainment at KS1 during its first year as an academy showed rapid and accelerated progress, with pupils attaining significantly above national in all subjects at age related expectations, and above national at greater depth. Proportions of pupils attaining RWM combined was 73%, which was significantly above national figures


Attainment at KS2

Children in the Trust, through proven and rigorous learning structures, leave primary school with strong academic skills that ensure they are ready for their next stage of learning.

  • At Preston Hedge’s, attainment at KS2 has been consistently high at both age-related expectations and at the higher score. The 3-year average of pupils attaining age related expectations in RWM combined is 86%, and at the higher score is 25%. This is significantly above national statistics, and is in line with, or above, the top 20% of schools.
  • At Parklands, KS2 attainment in its first year of being a sponsored academy, met national figures of 65% in age related expectations in RWM combined, for the first time in the school’s history. At the higher score, RWM combined was 18%, which is above national figures, and is an 11% increase from attainment gained prior to the Trust sponsoring the school.

Although, due to Covid-19, schools were not able to complete the assessment cycle, predictions for Summer 2020 showed that all schools would have maintained or increased their high outcomes across all national assessment areas.